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Jacob Russell Dring

Jacob has been a self-published author since 2009, consistently improving and honing his craft as the years go by. Though poetry and spoken word are among his favorite passions, fiction will always be the champion of his heart.

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Ursa Steel

MARCH 30, 2024

Ursa Steel is a collection of three stories in a distant future where humanity's military complex and space exploration has flourished.

In "Harvest Death," witness the horrors of war as infantry clash with a savage alien race during an invasion of their planet. In "Cauldron Quarry," join the exploits of a Mech crew known as the Mud Wolves as they fight on various planets and encounter something unexpected during their latest contract. And in "Warrior First," follow a solo pilot's daring escape after he's forced to eject from his Mech and be hunted by those who outnumber and outgun him.

Whatever your taste of adventure may be, Ursa Steel is sure to appease your thirst for sci-fi action, thrills, and a camaraderie we can only aspire to be a part of.

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JUNE 19, 2021

A 350 page sci-fi novel about a future Earth facing an extradimensional threat, and humanity's unified efforts to survive, utilizing advanced technology in the form of Mech war machines.

More than war and horror, "DEVOUR" is a story of deep camaraderie and the persistence of the men and women who may one day be called heroes. 

DEVOUR front cover artwork
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Dark Heart of the Earth

JUNE 4, 2020

Neither extraterrestrial nor demonic, but something certainly evil, has awoken beneath the earth. The question is, can one man's anger and determination, with the right technology and help, save humanity from certain doom?

"Dark Heart of the Earth" is an action-packed, thrilling journey of hardship, survival, horror, and unprecedented mayhem.

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In no way a professional, Jacob has nonetheless maintained a consistent passion for amateur photography. Recent interests include film, thanks to friend and professional photographer Mark Valdez.

Below are Jacob's two main outlets for his photography, based on Instagram.


Black & White (Film)

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